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Our goal at Fun Raiser is to help others achieve their fundraising goal with a simple well-designed sales campaign, great tasting products and customised packaging. 

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Fun Raiser is the fundraising initiative of Charlie Hand.  

"Having been involved in fundraising activities for my children’s various sporting and educational endeavours over the past ten years, I have first-hand experience in the trials and tribulations and the highs and lows of funding campaigns regardless of the levels of success. I have been involved in everything from chocolate bar sales, refrigerated food products, phone book deliveries, newspaper inserts, greeting card sales and general sponsorships for children completing various tasks. Some campaigns have been fun and others frustrating and achieved limited success for the hard work that goes in and the risks involved often leaving a feeling that you would have been better off just giving them the money in the first place and saving you all the grief. In the past, many of the fundraising products have been targeting “impulse buying” with products such as chocolate bars that do not support healthy eating habits. Over the last few years, these sorts of fundraising products have lost their popularity and many schools and organisations do not support them". Charlie Hand

Charlie Hand
Charlie Hand