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Kick-starter Blend has been crafted to create a unique well-balanced smooth medium body coffee with a sweet nutty finish. Kick-starter is a combination of high quality ethically sourced beans from Brazil and Honduras. 

The Cerrado region of Brazil sits at an altitude of around 1,100 meters produces a medium bodied smooth nutty flavour with a sweet finish. The cherries are left on the tree to naturally dry and finished on local concrete patios. 

The coffee industry in Brazil provides income for more than 10 million people and has a population of 190 million inhabitants, which qualifies it as the fifth most populated country in the world. 

The Comayagua region of Honduras sits at an altitude of around 1,200 meters. The history of coffee growing in this region dates back to the very early 1800’s. 

This type comes from regions with a long tradition of treating the coffee with great care. Farmers diligently work to enhance the bean's natural attributes so it can reach an optimal level of satisfaction. La Flor translates to "the flower". The name reflects this coffee's delightful aroma that enriches the taste and gives it a special character. This produces a medium to full body, sweet, bright chocolaty finish. The cherries are washed and sundried.   

You can have it all: Sustainability and Coffee Excellence

Our coffee is freshly roasted specifically for your “greater cause” to ensure absolute freshness and is packaged in uniquely vented and totally resealable bags to retain freshness.

Hot Chocolate

A decadently rich, dark and smooth drinking chocolate using the finest West African cocoa. 

Our hot chocolate is packaged in uniquely vented and totally resealable bags to retain freshness.

The origins of cocoa date back over 5000 years and have been referred to as “the food of the gods”. The world’s best cocoa beans originate from the humid tropical climates found around the equator, in particular, West Africa where the cocoa trees flourish in the lowland regions. 

Our Choco Delight Hot Chocolate originates from cocoa beans grown in Ivory Coast and Ghana, West Africa, the world’s largest producers.

The ripe pods are harvested from the cocoa tree and opened to extract the wet beans which are left to ferment for a few days before being sun-dried on outdoor patios. The beans are then shipped to Holland, Belgium or Germany for processing into rough chocolate and refined products. Here the beans are roasted, removing the shells to produce cacao nibs which are then ground to produce cocoa butter which is a rough form of chocolate.

Our Choco Delight Hot Chocolate is made from a Belgium style chocolate that brings out the decadently rich, dark and smooth favour that give that deeply satisfying chocolate experience.